I'd like to let you know that I have been a police instructor. It seemed only natural for me to continue the instructions in the field of writing.  No, I don't teach writing techniques. I'm still learning that myself, but I do have a vast knowledge of police and forensic procedures, so I teach writers the things a cop and coroner should know for their books.

Phyllis was taught the fingerprint trade by the FBI in Washington, DC. Then she moved on to being a Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer and Coroner’s Investigator for the next 20 years. She takes what’s she learned and passes it along.

Workshop #1
Death Scene Investigations: Facts and What to Expect.
From the Coroner’s Investigator point of view - I will give an interactive workshop on what to expect from the scene and how to handle it – from working with the police, family and pathologists. How does a Medical Examiner / Coroner handle the body at the scene? Find out in this fun and sometimes ‘gross’ workshop! This is a full month long class.

Workshop #2
Fingerprints: Fact or Fiction.
I will explain the correct terms and preferred procedure information on fingerprint evidence from crime scene to lab. I will then guide us on how to take the facts we’ve been given and work them into your fictional masterpieces. You won’t want to miss this workshop! This class is 10 days long and can be combined with the Crime Scene class.

Workshop #3
Crime Scene Investigations: Okay, you got the call -- Now, what? What to expect at a crime scene.
This will be an interactive workshop giving scenarios of crimes and how you would / should/ could handle it. I plan to make this fun and answer plenty of questions along the way to help your story read like the real thing. From the cop’s point of view to the writers, be sure to join in. This is a 10 day class and can be combined with the Fingerprint class.

The above classes are geared for online workshops. In Person speaker programs are made for the time slot available. Speaker fees are negotiable, usually travel expenses. You can email her at