Hello! I'm very glad you came to visit. 

I like to note the above patchwork of images not only represents what I write, but is truly a depiction of my life thus far. This website combines the passions for my creative side. So feel free to explore.

I love to invent new characters that come alive in my mind and whisper their stories to me. My mind's eye envisions what they tell me as if I am watching a movie.  I'm told I'm not the only writer who 'hears' their characters….that's a relief to my psyche. I not only hear them but yes, I do talk back. How else will I know if the dialogue is smooth?  Rest assured, I only hear and talk to my characters when the writing mode is turned on.

My other creative loves are making bead jewelry, seed bead weaving, clay creations, wreath making and a host of arts and crafts that keep my hands busy and my mind fresh.  I plan to make items that can be featured on the hobbies page and perhaps available to the readers. Please be patient. Those things take a while to make.