While employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the age of nineteen, Phyllis Middleton was trained in the Science of Fingerprints. This training included the classification, comparison and search methods used by FBI and known throughout the USA.

Once returning to her home in Colorado, she was a Deputy Sheriff for the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department and specialized in crime scene investigation and evidence processing.  Certified in Pueblo District and County Courts, Phyllis testified in a number of cases as an expert in the field of fingerprints. While with the Sheriff’s Department, she branched out in Patrol and Investigations as well as becoming a member of the Search and Rescue Squad and the State Disaster Team. She then became an Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Police Instructor.

Phyllis also worked as a Kentucky Police Officer and finally rounded out twenty years as a Senior Criminal / Civil Investigator with the Denver Coroner’s Office in her last six years of active service.

Since marrying and moving to Texas, Phyllis no longer works as an active law enforcement officer, although volunteers her time to her local police department.

She writes mystery / suspense / action adventure with romantic elements. She's been writing stories since the 8th grade but only in recent years has she become serious about learning her craft and getting published.  She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Dallas Area Romance Authors Chapter (DARA), the Kiss of Death Chapter, The Elements Chapter, From the Heart Chapter and Faith, Hope and Love Chapter.  She is also a member of the Mystery Writers of America Southwest Chapter. 



Finally, I regret to inform you that I was diagnosed with Metastatic
Melanoma in the fall of 2012. I still fight this disease and a would greatly
appreciate your prayers and if you are so inclined to donate, please do so
for Melanoma research. There is no cure for Melanoma, the worse of all skin
cancers. I warn to all stay away from tanning beds and use protection while
in the sun.